All In!

I spend my time avoiding reflections of all kinds because there is just too much of me looking back.   At forty seven years old and over one hundred and yeah I don’t think so pounds, I am not very happy with my health. So when my neighbor, half joking I think, suggested I enter the Pocono Endurance Challenge, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. I have no idea how to train and I’m pretty sure three months is not a lot of time to prepare, but oh well.  I am ridiculously excited about  the idea, even though I have no idea what I am doing. I am about the furthest thing from an athlete there is. As I poured myself another margarita, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I know I may not finish, I may decide in two days that this is a horrible idea, I may fall down and totally embarrass myself. But you know what, I could actually do it. And then what?



So, I am going for it. In an effort to keep me honest I am going to track my progress from beer drinking couch potato to health through this blog.  Any helpful suggestions would be fabulous! 



  1. Damon Podulka · June 16, 2014

    Hey Michelle! Cousin Damon here. Nice to read your blog. Just keep at it. This is an incremental change. I can see in your writings that your thought process is changing which is a big part of your transformation. Nothing wrong with having a beer or margarita but not necessary to have more than just a couple of them. Once you start to enjoy more fitness, the resulting energy will help you have a better family life too. Yeah, sometimes that may mean that you do more cleaning or cooking but it can also give you more energy in the evening for other things. You will have the energy to do the things you want to do. And one last question, is that last photo taken at Hawk Mountain or Pinacle Peak up in Berks county?

    • 67michelle · June 17, 2014

      Hi Damon! It’s great to hear from you. The picture was taken at Hawk Mountain. I really appreciate your encouragement, some days are harder than others, but on the whole I am having a blast. I have found that the desire to wake up early and get out and run or bike overtakes the want for a beer or glass or wine or whatever. I do try to leave room for more relaxed times such as celebrations but on the whole have found it harder to give up going out in the morning than giving up having a drink.
      Between the two, running or biking, I have found that I just love biking. I can understand why you are so passionate about it.

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