Ups and Downs

I swear someone sneaks into Oreland at night and regrades the surface. I never knew there were so many hills. And me, a girl who had to walk home from Manayunk everyday! Seriously, I know they are just small inclines but they seem to reset every night so that they are always at the end of my running time. Speaking of which, I am up to running for ninety seconds and then walking for ninety. Although at the end, I sometimes stretch the rest period out to two whole minutes, however, since I have also stretched my run time out as long as four minutes, I think it is okay. Another thing I never knew was how long the time between sixty and ninety seconds could be. Some days I think I could write a thesis in those puny thirty seconds. But, on a very triumphant note, I am still running. I have to keep reminding myself it has really only been a little more then a week. Progress just feels so slow.


I also realize that writing in this blog is pretty important to me. The more I write about it the more I want to do this. I’m not sure what the connection is. But for the first time in days, as I write I am becoming excited and motivated again. I spend a lot of time investigating how to prepare for an endurance challenge. I realize that the one I am trying doesn’t compare to an Iron Man or Half Iron man, but it is a huge stretch for me. Remember, at any given time, I’d rather be drinking beer watching the Eagles.

One of the obstacles I have found is running at 5 in the morning. I’m really not having trouble waking up, but I recently became spooked on my run and now I am a little frightened to go by myself. Even as I write this, I feel the worry building. I keep telling myself it is ridiculous, but at five in the morning I am scared. Tomorrow I think I am going to try biking at that time. I’m not sure why, but it feels safer. I’ll probably fall on my ass, which is better than my head.




  1. Tara Smith · June 6, 2014

    I love this Michelle! Keep it up! I have also been spooked early mornings alone but I find if I stay away from the baseball field and don’t wear headphones I am okay!

  2. 67michelle · June 6, 2014

    Thanks, Tara. That means a lot to me. I’m sure I was over reacting. I have gone out the past two mornings and obviously been okay. Although I get scared, I am trying not to let it get in my way.

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