Trying Everyday

Recently, more and more people have been sharing their fitness goals and accomplishments with me. Texts, Facebook messages or posts, and even face to face comments about what they have been doing. I love that!!! I love hearing what others are doing and I feel honored that they reach out and share it with me. It’s funny because I have received two types of feedback, some that is really positive, people say they enjoy reading the blog and watching my progress and others who think it is a little weird and maybe self aggrandizing that I share it.

Thin skinned as I am, the latter has caused me to doubt myself and ponder my reasons for sharing the progress or mess ups, or whatever. Is it self aggrandizing? Is posting my progress from the RunKeeper bragging? Yes, maybe. But knowing that I have made a habit of sharing it has also made me work harder to make five miles. It’s nice feeling as though there is a wave of positive support behind you. People who are already in shape post positive comments and helpful advice. Seasoned bikers and runners who have been where I am and can see past what I see, help keep me on track with their advice and their confidence.

I also truly believe that if I can do this anyone can. Sometimes it is slow and painful, but it can be done.What really just thrills me to no end is when someone says, “I saw your post and decided to go out for a walk.” Or “I’m keeping up with you.”  It makes me feel like I matter. And I feel so much less alone, I have peers who are doing this with me. Maybe not right next to me, but they are out there sweating and trying too. Like me, they are not athletes, not maybe in the best shape, but trying everyday, just like me. So I guess when I am writing, I am writing to them. The people who give me the positive feedback and are rooting for me and the people who are out there sweating along with me. Trying everyday.

And by the way, today I was really close to running five miles for the first time. I can see it now and know that I am going to be able to do it. And yeah, that’s full on bragging.

Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.12.41 AM


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