Inflexible Me

I am always surprised when someone tells me I am easy going. Really? And then I remember others can’t hear what is going on in my head, thank goodness. I am pretty inflexible most of the time. As a matter of fact, if a process doesn’t have rules I tend to create them. Such as , “Never stop at the bottom of a hill when running.” I then stick to these ridiculous paradigms as though they were handed down from a deity. It makes up for my lack of organized religion. So I shouldn’t have been surprised, me a person who has never been able to reach her toes, to discover I suck at yoga. It is just my inflexibility in the flesh, so to speak. 

Last week I tried a yoga tape that was suppose to help make you stronger and lose weight (not that I care about that, Yeah right.). Way overestimated both my strength and my yoga ability. I have tried some yoga before, you know, on the Wii. The tree pose, my tree wobbles, the warrior, which I feel like a yogi in and that pretty much explains my ability. So this week I searched the Internet for a very beginner’s yoga. And I found, Yoga for Beginners. That wasn’t too hard. Actually, I read through hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and then decided on this one. I’m really glad I did. So far I have done the one routine, Solar. She moves very slowly, and I can almost keep up. Which isn’t the same as saying I’m doing it well, or even right. But there is a slideshow in the introduction which says, if I need to I can bend my knees. This one sentence gave me permission to try again and not feel like an idiot. And it isn’t easy, there are times when my arms are shaking or I am wobbling and can’t hold a pose. But I am not frustrated. Well, mostly. The other good thing, is the whole routine lasts less than twenty five minutes, so even when it feels hard I push through. It’s going to be over soon. 

There is one pose, the dolphin, which I absolutely cannot do. Looks easy, doesn’t it? And I don’t like the pose because it leaves me staring straight at my thighs. She is walking her legs forward and I just can’t figure the pose out. And I’m wondering when I got old people legs. Seriously, they are not my thighs. But it is towards the end, so I bent my knees and did my best. There was no walking. 


I guess if I think about how hard running was, and still can be, this isn’t any different  As a matter of fact, if I am honest, it can all still feel really hard. Some of it is just a mindset, a belief in myself and determination. A lot of determination. So maybe at some point I’ll be able to lean on my forearms and walk forward so my eyes can really inspect my legs. Not exactly motivating. 


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