Icy Mornings

Today I didn’t go to the gym.  I was going to go, but then I slipped and slid to the car, slid down the street a little and then came to a “Road Closed” sign. They had started working on the street. Since it had already taken me longer than normal to get to my car, since it was the second time this morning, (thanks to a two hour delay) that I tried, and since I was probably looking for a reason anyway, I turned around and came home.  I was looking for a reason because I was still hurting from my run on Saturday. My inner calf has been aching and is sore to the touch. Normally I would have Sunday off, and sort of lay low, but yesterday we spent the day at the Flower Show, so I was on my feet all day. Had a great time, but still tired. Long chain of excuses to say, “Taking an unscheduled day off.”

Trying really hard not freak out that I am suppose to be right now on the treadmill trying to maintain a nine minute mile for a little over two minutes. I know that is really easy for some people, but not for me. So I was sort of excited and nervous about it. But for now, I am sitting here watching Spy Kids II and typing. Lunches are mostly made and I am so tired  after a night of spotty sleep. So, tomorrow. Tomorrow I will try the speed work. And tomorrow I will pick up my momentum. And tomorrow I will get excited again about speed workouts, thresh hold runs, and whatever else Runcoach has up its sleeve. But for today, my biggest challenge is going to be fighting off the urge to have chocolate cake.


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