Two days ago I turned forty eight!!!! Wow! To celebrate I went out to dinner with my family and I got presents. I love presents. I know it is childish, and at my age I am suppose to say, “No, really, all I need is love.” Which may be true, but it isn’t all I want. What I wanted was a Polar 400 watch. Why? Because I have read that using phone apps, even Runkeeper are not as accurate. They supposedly over report your milage and your pace. This, for me is a problem. Plus, I would really like to run and ride with nothing in my hands. And I wanted something that would also record my gym workouts.  But, the watches are expensive and so, I really didn’t think I was going to get one.

But I did. And, yeah, I was really happy. Yesterday, I took it out for a spin. And I won’t say that it made me stronger but it is the first time in a long time that I was able to do six miles and I felt pretty strong straight up through mile four. The deeper I got into mile five, the more tired I became and then six was a struggle, but I did it. I also brought my phone and used Runkeeper as a comparison.

In the beginning, I couldn’t figure it out. It is a little complicated, and though I thought I understood it, when I went to use it, I had some glitches. The first of which was getting a satellite signal. I pressed the button, started to run and then realized it wasn’t really doing anything. I paused, saw it was waiting for a satellite signal and then gave up waiting and kept running. It must have kicked in. The end result was that the watch said I ran 5.88 miles and Runkeeper said I ran 6.02. Whether that was the watch seeking the satellite or there really is a significant difference I’m not sure yet. I also tried to use it today in the gym and found that although I had set it up for indoor cycling, I wasn’t sure it was working. I must have hit some button because it stopped. Right now, I’m trying to get it to sync to My Fitness Pal, but it isn’t working. Still not sure if it is the watch or my recently really slow Internet service. Anyway, although the Polar software is on the watch, my computer and my phone they don’t automatically update each other, which I think is a little weird and kind of archaic.

There are plenty of different screens online, so I can obsess to my heart’s content. I don’t have the heart rate monitor, and I’m not sure I’m going to get that. There is something all a little intimidating about it. I can’t even figure out the buttons on the watch. I’m not sure I need anymore buttons. There is also a Personal Trainer site. I think most of this relies on the heart monitor. There are a lot of spaces to put in your heart rate and the zone you are in. I’m not really sure how I feel about this.

As I was driving to the gym this morning I realized one of the reasons I stayed away from working out for so long wasn’t because of the physical effort of working out, although that was part of it. It was all the work that goes with working out, the stretching, the foam rolling, the time consuming little parts that are suppose to keep you from hurting yourself. In this last year I have slowly entrenched myself more and more into this world and all of the parts. And I do like it. But sometimes there are just too many parts. That being said, I have to laugh at myself because I know I am spending a silly amount of time reading over all the different ways I can look at my workouts on the screen. Exactly how I am going to apply this to my training, I’m not sure yet. But, it’s kind of cool I can watch my run on the screen with a little preview.


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