I’ve decided to change the name of my blog. Not that I necessarily feel that I accomplished my goal and achieved real fitness. (I don’t) But because I find the name annoying. Journey seems a little obnoxious. Besides, really what I am focused on now is just getting through this particular sweaty, tired time and not killing anyone. It’s not like it has a huge following, so this isn’t earth shattering.

Besides, even though I am limping through three miles lately I still want to try to run a half marathon. I believe it will come.  I like Hot Flash. If I’m going to have to suffer through it, I might as well own it. Seriously, who ever even wanted their own personal summer? I don’t even like the summer I have to share with everyone else, what the hell would I want my own for? And, from what I’m reading, if I gave up some of my favorite things, wine, beer and coffee, it would help lesson these lovely little sweat sessions. Because, it wasn’t just sucking enough all by itself. Now it feels as though there is something I could do, but really? does it have to be this?

And, I am also changing the way I approach running and biking. I’ve decided to add it some walk breaks. At least during the summer. Every trainer I’ve read or listened to, (yes I’ve actually been listening to running webinars I’ve crossed the great divide to running total nerd), recommends them. Of course these people all toss around terms like under a twenty minute five k, so maybe I need to find someone a little closer to my level. Which, while I’m thinking about it, I think the Running Community really does a lousy job of representing. There’s a whole group of us out here slogging along and thrilled to death just to finish a five k around thirty minutes. Just saying.

Anyway, change is good right? Even sweaty, tired, yeah I hate most people all the time right now, change.


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