Taking A Break

Taking a breath.

Taking a breath.

Last week I went away to Ocean City, Maryland with my family. Originally, I was planning on running at least three times, early in the morning on the boards. And then I decided to take a break from running all together. And then I felt guilty so I went back to my original plan. And then I remembered how much I love a cold beer or two when I come off the beach. Damn that tastes great! So, I ran once. Three killer miles on Monday. I had envisioned breezing along a flat boardwalk with lovely beach breezes a sure cure for all my summer running complaints. But hells bells it was hot. Okay, it was only seventy six degrees or so, but it was still hot. And it was flat, but it still seemed hard. I go back to my original theory that whatever the distance I am planning on running it always seems a challenge. So, after a brief argument with myself, I was able to convince myself that a break would be just what I needed.

And, I think I was right!!!! ( Good job, Self!!!) This morning I ran – early, before the crack of dawn- and it felt great!!! And even though I didn’t sleep so great last night, which is another problem in and of itself, I still didn’t feel like death. I have been sort of dreading going back to running because I knew this week was going to be a hot and humid hell. But, at least today, the weather was perfect. For the first time in a long time I felt as though I could keep going.

So, tomorrow I go to the gym. I have come back with a renewed sense of vigor. I am ready to plunge ahead with more strength training and finally get my eating back on track. Maybe it is fall, or the feeling of success, or maybe a break really does help. Either way, I have found my missing running joy and I plan to to take better care of it this time


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