Starting Over…AGAIN!

So it hasn’t been a banner summer as far as personal fitness is concerned. My milage and speed have both dropped off, as has my strength training. And what the hell happened to biking? Every time I try to get something started, something happens. I don’t know what. But my overwhelming sense of this summer is one of just a non start. So, while other areas of my life shined, much more travel and family time, this area took a solid hit. Oh well. It’s my relief, not my job. So, time to re-evaluate and start over. Again.

I think one of my biggest stumbling blocks was trying to relive last summer. I thought once I was done with school I would be able to transition to outside and oh how joyful that was going to be. But it wasn’t. There were definite times of fun and pain free running. But there were also plenty of times getting to three or four miles was a true accomplishment. Like this morning.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 8.08.01 AM

Last week we went camping in Grand Island, right outside of Niagra Falls. (Branches of Niagra was the campground and I highly recommend it). This was the second time we went away in a three week span, so I knew my running program was going to take a hit. Just like when we went to Ocean City, I planned to run at least one day. But, like Ocean City, that idea just evaporated. I had plenty of excuses: I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t want to eat into family time, I hate to run on gravel, my feet have been hurting, we walked around ten miles in Niagra, blah, blah, blah.  But really I just didn’t have the desire. And I wanted to. Mostly because I wanted to try running in the cooler humidity free temps. It was around sixty in the mornings. But I was so stinking tired, part of me didn’t want to fail in such perfect running conditions.

11986953_10206504919215068_5929532746325552229_n 11220846_10206504919175067_436250803668715074_n

So, in the last six weeks or so, between vacations, colds, random periods, heat and humidity, I have had a series of shitty runs. All come equipped with excuses, but still it has been a while since I’ve run and felt strong. As far as biking, I just haven’t gone in awhile. When I started the training plan to run a half marathon, it left little time for both biking and strength training. I am trying to run four times a week. I’m not sure this really works for me.

Speaking of the half marathon, I’ve decided to hold off signing up for it until I see some type of improvement. Because I don’t want to walk any of it. Period.  I’m hoping that with a weather improvement and a return to consistent strength training I will recapture some of the strength and power I appear to have lost. If not, I’ll wait for another one.  Last year I would have taken this as a major setback. This year, I am just going to think of it as part of the process.

There are things I miss, like having a few beers with my husband and staying up past nine o’clock on weekends. I’ve pushed most of this aside to try to keep up with a training plan that may not suit me. Or maybe it is just the yucky heat and humidity. Time will tell. But in the meantime I continue to seek balance while still trying to push myself a little harder every day.


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